2016 means business

Though I doubt any lives were changed by Corporate Bastard not publishing anything for a longer than expected time still I apologize for disappearing for so long.

Last year.  It had a fair amount of negative stuff going on.  A major comic project fell apart.  I took on too much daily work.  Also though, some super great things happened, and all of my efforts repositioned me to accomplish a lot in 2016.

Issue 6 is coming.  You should actually be able to get it before Phoenix Comicon, which I will be set up at again.  And after that is done, it’s time to make a collected edition.  That is going to be a major undertaking to spread Corporate Bastard truly worldwide.

Additionally in 2016 I am putting some work together for anthologies as well as teaching myself new techniques of art.  Original pieces will be put out at least 3 times a week, so check back regularly for all the new info.

Whiteboard dailies week 4: SDCC

IMG_20150706_173643 IMG_20150707_091231 IMG_20150708_093930 IMG_20150709_133740

Day 2 was a haiku.  The drives not a bad one.

Day 3, I was staying in Ocean Beach.   Pretty sweet.

Day 4, I warn everyone that San Diego Comicon is for the most part a 75-part line ride.  Everything has a line.  Really.  Stick to Phoenix.

I missed making any more due to busy-ness.  I was there with tasks to undertake.  And it was very successful.


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