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Doin’ it better with puppets

Because who can say no to puppets?



So I made that for the same Kickstarter last week, mostly due to finding that the previous video didn’t play well on phones and let’s just admit that most of us are exploring a majority of the internet with a device that fits in our pockets.

It’s good to learn these things now though, before say a Corporate Bastard Kickstarter is launched for a collected edition next year.

So it has been this and writing and promoting that have kept me busy.  A webcomic is coming.  That may be done this weekend if I can be happy with it.  We’ll see about that.

Working on…

  • Shop page since I now have things beyond just books.

  • 1 page webcomics – they are coming.

  • Other stuff, because this list would be too short with just 2 things on it.

Writer found wandering through Australian wastelands!

By Abraham Hasselhoff

The budding author of Corporate Bastard, Gren Radcliff was found this weekend after having been missing for several months.  From his home in Phoenix, Arizona he recounted his story of survival for members of the media that had traveled from Spain and Japan.

“The trip to Australia had meant to be a light business vacation gathering fodder for a kangaroos in funny hats photobook and calendar to be marketed in 2014,” Gren stated for reporters.  “The endeavor took its first unexpected turn when in a nameless derelict pub in Portsqueensingtonham I met an aboriginal shaman named Jherry.  That is when I heard about the airwhales.”

The writer immediately left the dirty little town in search of the creature, much talked about but never photographed.  Driving a 1978 Mitsubishi Lanceretto customized to traverse the roadless cracked earth of inner Australia, Gren with the shaman acting as his guide and feng shui advisor, headed towards the plateau known as Krampus von Statler.

Knowing that post-WW II nazi scientist Kleimler Klause Gausenbach had been rumored to escape to the area, Gren was interested to see if any remnants of his “dimensional elevator” could be found.

“Jherry led me to a cave that was noticably man-made as we approached its opening.  Inside rusted and shattered science equipment mixed with strata of bat feces.  It smelled heavily of cheap microwaved curry.”

Deeper into the compound they found the normal Third Reich accoutrements: uniforms, pistols, magic wands, and unpowered robotic soldiers.  Much of these items had been found before in Brazil and Northern Canada.  One thing that had not been found before was the quasi-dimensional atom storage box.  Its use remains unknown.

Scaling a decaying stairway many flights up to an opening in the top of the plateau, the two looked out to the lavender horizon.  “And that’s when I was swallowed by a passing airwhale,” Gren shuddered.

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified.  Then I noticed there was a living ecosystem on the inside.  Jherry had not been picked up along with me.  I was alone but for the many birds, insects, and a variety of flora thriving inside the beast.  I can only conjecture that the animals digestive cycle was so slow that plants went through their full life cycles and began to decay before any type of internal enzyme could break them down.  Stranger still is that the airwhale’s back is semi-translucent, allowing sunlight to shine in.”

When asked about if he knew what time had been passing while on the inside of the airwhale, he seemed to look off for moments before answering.  “I knew roughly, but the more time passed the harder it was to keep track.”

“And then it was just over.”

Miraculously, Gren found himself unharmed, deposited beside a highway only 50 miles from Melbourne.  He has no remembrance of how he ended up there.

“A road train driver that picked me up laughed at my story, saying I smelled like his mom’s shoes after a Saturday night.  I believe this was meant to imply I was drunk.  I can only hypothesize that the internal gastric anomaly of the airwhale may have created an alcohol like odor as others seemed to say similar after we reached the city.”

There seems to be no proof to the writer’s claims besides an unidentifiable substance removed from the tread of his sneakers.

I asked him what he plans to do now that he has returned to Phoenix.

“I will certainly reflect on what has happened. I am thankful that I had a lovely family to return to.  Definitely get back to work on comic books.  My website is so behind!  Best thing though is that the government filed bankruptcy for me while I was missing, so that’s awesome too.  I hear it would have been a total pain in the ass and eaten up tons of free time and money, probably not allowing any time to work on creative projects at all for these past several months.  Yep, glad I didn’t have to do that.”

Getting around town

So I’m getting out to the corners of this city in the valley of the sun to get my book into the hands of readers.

A couple days ago I had a moment to stop at Greg’s Comics in Mesa.  It’s a great little place.  Now they just don’t have the room for local comics, great selection of new comics and back issues galore.  The shop is compact but well-organized, and super-friendly.  So I spent possibly near an hour just chatting with the solo guy on duty, Brad, about comics and writers and the biz and the town.  I left feeling so excited that I was getting to talk about my comic book, and that all the effort and money that into making it are 100% worth the satisfaction of seeing my vision realized.  So, they are not carrying my book right now, but are awesome none-the-less.

Today I got to Jesse James Comics just north of where I live.  Jesse is a HUGE supporter of local creators.  He has tried to help the comics community in Phoenix constantly grow, just so supportive in every way.

And just up the street is Hero Comics, which has creator signing events and charity fundraisers going on all the time it seems.  I finally met the owner there (who surprised me being pretty young in the world of comic shops) and he was happy to carry the book as well.

Basically it is awesome getting out there and meeting people who understand your excitement.  Tomorrow may be a lot of driving.

I never talked about Phoenix Comicon

I just got swept up in things afterwards.  I still  have more emails to send to people from the con.  Anyways in summary, it was great!  I only had basically one thing to sell (and a special variation on that one thing), but that greatest thing happened.  People bought my book!

It was very fulfilling to have people want to spend their hard worked for dollars on something I made.  Sophie was smart enough to capture a picture of me making my first sale.

This guy bought the first Corporate Bastard comic! Badass!

So now there is tons more work ahead of me, just like the tons of work that went into the comic, but I had to mention how things turned out.  Sophie did great with all her handmade items, and we did a little happy dance after it was all over.  We made some new friends.  Got a couple pieces of great art (though way less than what all we wanted).  I even got to introduce my best friend to one of my truly favorite Artist/Writers, David Mack.  All great.

Now back to work

More pics:

This is my signage I threw together last minute
Our lovely booth designed by the wonderous Mrs. Jellybean-Radcliff, with her many wares, and my comic there over on the edge.

Sophie has more pics on her blog, here.