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2016 means business

Though I doubt any lives were changed by Corporate Bastard not publishing anything for a longer than expected time still I apologize for disappearing for so long.

Last year.  It had a fair amount of negative stuff going on.  A major comic project fell apart.  I took on too much daily work.  Also though, some super great things happened, and all of my efforts repositioned me to accomplish a lot in 2016.

Issue 6 is coming.  You should actually be able to get it before Phoenix Comicon, which I will be set up at again.  And after that is done, it’s time to make a collected edition.  That is going to be a major undertaking to spread Corporate Bastard truly worldwide.

Additionally in 2016 I am putting some work together for anthologies as well as teaching myself new techniques of art.  Original pieces will be put out at least 3 times a week, so check back regularly for all the new info.

Watch out, full-time writing going on!

So it has been a while since I updated here.  If you would like details, go here.  The more up to the moment importance is that I left my day job and will be focused on just Corporate Bastard and other writing for a bit.  No, I didn’t kill any of my managers at the call center.  They are wonderful people.

I have shows coming up, 2 issues to finish by the end of May, and new products to roll out.  Actually, that is a lot.  What am I doing here?  I gotta go!



Tucson recap & PCC Fan Fest

So here’s the thing, cons they are a changing.

For my position right at this moment, it’s tricky.  Because overall cons are growing, or evolving may be a better way to put it.  More people are going than ever before.  Many more are going for their first time.  That is changing things for fringe vendors such as myself.

The thing is, you, anyone reading this, are very specific subset of person.  You are likely a young to middle age adult with a full time day job.  You likely have a working major pop culture knowledge but with interests that lie in what is categorized as “independent” niches.  You are almost assuredly creative minded.  You are a lot like me in your interests.

And you would probably think that this would be a majority of people at conventions.  You would be wrong.

Recently events’ numbers have swelled with those I will non-disparagingly lump into two groups: the general public/new collector and costumers/cosplayers.  The general public has leaned to a geek is cool mentality likely due to general shifting demographics.  These great folks have heard about San Diego Comic-con or other big regional events from media sources and want to be a part of that. (That’s awesome!)  But when they get to a big convention they are suddenly overwhelmed by all the choices, so they will make more purchases related to things they know.

The second group, costumers or cosplayers, are an issue for some.   The wife and I are huge costumers also though so I have a heartfelt view of them.  This group also includes a large portion of the teenagers at conventions because it is something to connect and make friends over.  As a vendor though, they again want only things they know or they have spent a great deal of their money on their costumes.

With these groups massively inflating the attendance it increases the size of the space needed which increases the cost of space for vendors.  But that increased attendance group may mean very little increase in one’s niche audience.  As event prices go up, it may not even be worth that niche audience to attend.  And that brings us to the current quandary.

Tucson Comic-con was nice.  It’s well planned with a great staff.  It was my first time attending or setting up there but it apparently shattered previous years in size and attendance.  That didn’t translate to much for me in interest or sales.  What was missing?  Hipsters.  Those lumped into the hipster category, again self included, are my primary readers.  And again, I was hearing there was proportionally less in that category this year.  Still, I plan to go back.

This is creating a perplexing position for those vying to make a living in this creative field.  I have to show due diligence and make sound business decisions.  There is no playbook for this, it changes every week.  I’m a perpetual optimist though.  I think things will work out for the best.  All life is a learning experience, best to get something out of it.

Time for the ol’ Corporate Bastard to head to San Diego again

It’s Comic-con time!  I just realized that this year I won’t be looking for publishers for CB (only the new graphic novel project with Ryan Quackenbush), as I have decided to keep this project wholly my own.  There is a lot to learn about how to spread a story to readers and how to make it a career though.  I’ve been learning the career for years now, but there is so much, so many ways, and it’s constantly changing.

Be like water, only be it on the internet.

Be like Nicolas Cage.

This year I have double backup going with me, the wifey who is taking her editing of my work wonderfully seriously, and the artist of the new project Ryan Quackenbush, who is amazing.  We will make the most of the party, while still remembering it’s a party.


Phoenix Comicon halfway point

It is possibly a most wonderful time ever!  I have been able to meet a few people who are proclaimed fans of my comics that I never knew beforehand.  That is just the most uplifting thing.

Not to downplay all the friends that support me, they very regularly recharge my zeal to create.  But to meet someone that feels connected to me first through my comic is so gratifying in wholly different way.  So that has been pretty awesome.

Today I finally had a little chance to talk to some pros.  Main thing I can usually take away from those interactions is I am doing what needs to be done. Working hard.  Finishing projects.  Talking to people.

One more awesome thing was that the wife lead her first panel talking about costuming makeup.  It is so great to see her thrive in a career of something she is nerdy about.  And she’s a damn fine stylist too.  She too rarely gives herself enough credit for what she accomplishes.

guest badge pcc

Guest badge! They even feed me!

pcc booth

Wife getting prepped for her panel at my table.

witchblade sketch

Someone took me up on the offer to sketch in the back of their issue 3.  They collect Witchblade sketches.  I relished the challenge.

Sophie's panel

Sophie’s panel rocked!

Saturday it starts again.