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2016 means business

Though I doubt any lives were changed by Corporate Bastard not publishing anything for a longer than expected time still I apologize for disappearing for so long.

Last year.  It had a fair amount of negative stuff going on.  A major comic project fell apart.  I took on too much daily work.  Also though, some super great things happened, and all of my efforts repositioned me to accomplish a lot in 2016.

Issue 6 is coming.  You should actually be able to get it before Phoenix Comicon, which I will be set up at again.  And after that is done, it’s time to make a collected edition.  That is going to be a major undertaking to spread Corporate Bastard truly worldwide.

Additionally in 2016 I am putting some work together for anthologies as well as teaching myself new techniques of art.  Original pieces will be put out at least 3 times a week, so check back regularly for all the new info.

So much busy, it be great!

I aint got time for grammar!

Wrong. I am a writer first, and there is always time for proper grammar.

It has been two weeks now fully off the day job.  Yes, it’s wonderful but hard to keep from being nerve racked when you are used to income rolling in regularly.  Aside from finishing up Issue 5 I have been busy with many other things.  Much is going into preparation for the booth at Wondercon in Anaheim.  Two new products to release as well as a new issue, keeping it all secret until finished products are in my hands.

I can show you the work going into a proper banner for convention setup.

Don for banner work








That is going to end up about 2 feet tall.

More updates to come.

Watch out, full-time writing going on!

So it has been a while since I updated here.  If you would like details, go here.  The more up to the moment importance is that I left my day job and will be focused on just Corporate Bastard and other writing for a bit.  No, I didn’t kill any of my managers at the call center.  They are wonderful people.

I have shows coming up, 2 issues to finish by the end of May, and new products to roll out.  Actually, that is a lot.  What am I doing here?  I gotta go!



Cosplaying as a mouse

So I got too into the role so hard I was silent there for a while.

Quietly I was working on issue 5 and figuring out webcomicing this thing.

Just letting you know.

No going back, yet.

I am desperately fighting the urge to re-ink and rescan the entire 1st issue.  My skill inking and my knowledge of the program I use to letter the books has improved greatly over the last couple years.  But no!

At least not until maybe a collected edition.  🙂