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Whiteboard dailies week 4: SDCC

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Day 2 was a haiku.  The drives not a bad one.

Day 3, I was staying in Ocean Beach.   Pretty sweet.

Day 4, I warn everyone that San Diego Comicon is for the most part a 75-part line ride.  Everything has a line.  Really.  Stick to Phoenix.

I missed making any more due to busy-ness.  I was there with tasks to undertake.  And it was very successful.


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Phoenix Comicon 2015 is gone so fast

whiteboard summer PCC2015

I dont even know what happened.  It was like one day I was stuck in a car for an hour and a half to load in and the next was just full of exhaustion.

I think there was a con in between. A really great con.

So definitely the best I have done thus far, probably owing much to having three times the product as last year.  Actually though it was a lot of books sold.  Very richly satisfying.  Hearing that people are searching me out, seeing returning faces, it’s the greatest!

Also the custom art on old floppy disks did well.  Lots of laughs and “that’s brilliant” and “I haven’t seen one of those in forever” in response.  Only had to explain what they were once.  To a teenager.  Man I’m old.  After this post though I’m getting right back to my Oregon Trail game (everyone has dysentery).

What was the best thing you saw there this year?



Yes, that’s Gazorpazorpfield.


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Say “Exhibitor” but in Skeletor’s voice. It can amuse you for an entire weekend.