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Whiteboard dailies week 4: SDCC

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Day 2 was a haiku.  The drives not a bad one.

Day 3, I was staying in Ocean Beach.   Pretty sweet.

Day 4, I warn everyone that San Diego Comicon is for the most part a 75-part line ride.  Everything has a line.  Really.  Stick to Phoenix.

I missed making any more due to busy-ness.  I was there with tasks to undertake.  And it was very successful.


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Tucson recap & PCC Fan Fest

So here’s the thing, cons they are a changing.

For my position right at this moment, it’s tricky.  Because overall cons are growing, or evolving may be a better way to put it.  More people are going than ever before.  Many more are going for their first time.  That is changing things for fringe vendors such as myself.

The thing is, you, anyone reading this, are very specific subset of person.  You are likely a young to middle age adult with a full time day job.  You likely have a working major pop culture knowledge but with interests that lie in what is categorized as “independent” niches.  You are almost assuredly creative minded.  You are a lot like me in your interests.

And you would probably think that this would be a majority of people at conventions.  You would be wrong.

Recently events’ numbers have swelled with those I will non-disparagingly lump into two groups: the general public/new collector and costumers/cosplayers.  The general public has leaned to a geek is cool mentality likely due to general shifting demographics.  These great folks have heard about San Diego Comic-con or other big regional events from media sources and want to be a part of that. (That’s awesome!)  But when they get to a big convention they are suddenly overwhelmed by all the choices, so they will make more purchases related to things they know.

The second group, costumers or cosplayers, are an issue for some.   The wife and I are huge costumers also though so I have a heartfelt view of them.  This group also includes a large portion of the teenagers at conventions because it is something to connect and make friends over.  As a vendor though, they again want only things they know or they have spent a great deal of their money on their costumes.

With these groups massively inflating the attendance it increases the size of the space needed which increases the cost of space for vendors.  But that increased attendance group may mean very little increase in one’s niche audience.  As event prices go up, it may not even be worth that niche audience to attend.  And that brings us to the current quandary.

Tucson Comic-con was nice.  It’s well planned with a great staff.  It was my first time attending or setting up there but it apparently shattered previous years in size and attendance.  That didn’t translate to much for me in interest or sales.  What was missing?  Hipsters.  Those lumped into the hipster category, again self included, are my primary readers.  And again, I was hearing there was proportionally less in that category this year.  Still, I plan to go back.

This is creating a perplexing position for those vying to make a living in this creative field.  I have to show due diligence and make sound business decisions.  There is no playbook for this, it changes every week.  I’m a perpetual optimist though.  I think things will work out for the best.  All life is a learning experience, best to get something out of it.

Issue 2 ready in one month!

Yeah it sounds like a long time, but hey I have 2 jobs and I am doing the whole thing by myself.  Of course it doesn’t help that I now have a 5 inch high stack of xbox games that are new to me.  And three other main projects to excitedly work on.

But Amazing Arizona Comicon is nearing.

Good con from what I hear.  I usually can’t go as I have been totally broke at this time in years past.  Not missing it this time.  And I will have something new for it by Weezy’s sake!

I am going to seek out someone to share a little table space with, or I will just carry them.  I will do what I have to.

Doing what I have to comes from taking so long to get this issue out. My whole marketing plan has kinda stalled.  There is lots of work to get that going again too.  Any ideas are always welcome.


San Diego Comic-con was GREAT!

And exhausting.

But great.  I spent more time talking to pros this year, and got invaluable tips and feedback.  Also the book is in California shops now!  Well, two at least.  It felt really good having something to show people.  Traded with other creators.

Now I have to get issue two finished, but first a household move.  Time consuming yet it means a work office.  (Fist pumping!)

I have to find where Sophie’s photos are so I can post them. Coming soon.

San Diego here we come!

This will most likely be the best comic-con since my first in 2007, when I had plenty of cash to blow and fell into an awesome rental to stay at with a friend.  Sophie (wife) and I return this year with a hotel plan, extra time off work, a little spending money, and a comic book to promote.

I can’t tell you how excited the prospect is of getting my comic into professionals’ hands.  Wait yes I can, it’s SUPER EXCITING!  This book is no longer a project that may be out in the future, it’s here, in my hands, and I am damned proud of it.  And the second issue is on its way!

Plus I WILL get it into at least one comic shop in San Diego. Oh yes. They will find that this battle station is quite operational.  Oops, getting off topic (it’s late).

Oh yeah, and look out for the “Steamcrow” walking around.  There have been some little modifications made.  🙂

I will link to Soph’s pics when we get back, because she takes lots of great ones, and I barely remember to take any.

I never talked about Phoenix Comicon

I just got swept up in things afterwards.  I still  have more emails to send to people from the con.  Anyways in summary, it was great!  I only had basically one thing to sell (and a special variation on that one thing), but that greatest thing happened.  People bought my book!

It was very fulfilling to have people want to spend their hard worked for dollars on something I made.  Sophie was smart enough to capture a picture of me making my first sale.

This guy bought the first Corporate Bastard comic! Badass!

So now there is tons more work ahead of me, just like the tons of work that went into the comic, but I had to mention how things turned out.  Sophie did great with all her handmade items, and we did a little happy dance after it was all over.  We made some new friends.  Got a couple pieces of great art (though way less than what all we wanted).  I even got to introduce my best friend to one of my truly favorite Artist/Writers, David Mack.  All great.

Now back to work

More pics:

This is my signage I threw together last minute
Our lovely booth designed by the wonderous Mrs. Jellybean-Radcliff, with her many wares, and my comic there over on the edge.

Sophie has more pics on her blog, here.