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Whiteboard dailies week 4: SDCC

IMG_20150706_173643 IMG_20150707_091231 IMG_20150708_093930 IMG_20150709_133740

Day 2 was a haiku.  The drives not a bad one.

Day 3, I was staying in Ocean Beach.   Pretty sweet.

Day 4, I warn everyone that San Diego Comicon is for the most part a 75-part line ride.  Everything has a line.  Really.  Stick to Phoenix.

I missed making any more due to busy-ness.  I was there with tasks to undertake.  And it was very successful.


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San Diego here we come!

This will most likely be the best comic-con since my first in 2007, when I had plenty of cash to blow and fell into an awesome rental to stay at with a friend.  Sophie (wife) and I return this year with a hotel plan, extra time off work, a little spending money, and a comic book to promote.

I can’t tell you how excited the prospect is of getting my comic into professionals’ hands.  Wait yes I can, it’s SUPER EXCITING!  This book is no longer a project that may be out in the future, it’s here, in my hands, and I am damned proud of it.  And the second issue is on its way!

Plus I WILL get it into at least one comic shop in San Diego. Oh yes. They will find that this battle station is quite operational.  Oops, getting off topic (it’s late).

Oh yeah, and look out for the “Steamcrow” walking around.  There have been some little modifications made.  🙂

I will link to Soph’s pics when we get back, because she takes lots of great ones, and I barely remember to take any.